Women’s Ministry



The women’s ministry team is committed to empower, inspire, encourage and pray for each other as we understand and grow as a body. We seek to help the women grow through prayer, studying the word of God, and reaching out to others. We are involved in both home and foreign missions, and sponsor as well as support every activity of the local church. 

Our Purpose is to Empower Women…



  • To know Christ
  • To know who they are in Christ
  • To grow as leaders and mentors who disciple others
  • To act by giving their talents, money and time
  • To be the salt of the earth, the light of the world
  • To realize they are valued in God’s kingdom
  • To form small groups, uniting and sharing with women of like passions and interests
  • To strengthen their families and
  • To be God’s hands in the world.

Women With A Mission WWAM



The current project for the 2016-2018 season is the city of Cota, Columbia located on the outskirts of Bogota.  A war of over 50 years has left a legacy of abuse, violence, orphaned children and high risk individuals. Women and children are trafficked for commercial sexual exploitation, some of them as old as 9 years.   As victims of abuse, neglect and abandonment, many found themselves without a place to go. Left without protection, girls are sexually abused and molested. They experience the unimaginable horror of human trafficking and exploitation of children in South America.

Provision de Amor is a safe house as an answer for endangered girls, orphaned through the atrocities of war. It provides a wonderful, loving environment located in a beautiful setting on a hillside in Cota. Girls who have successfully completed the program have moved on to higher education and vocational opportunities. In spite of their prior conditions, some of the residents have placed in the top ten percentile within the country. Thereby, they receive scholarships to prestigious schools in Colombia. Although out of harm’s way, they are still in need. The funds raised will also equip them to move beyond their hurts and educate them, teach them life skills, and tell them about Jesus. In turn these children will become warriors for Christ and ambassadors for our loving God.