Our History



CHURCH OF GOD OF WOODYCREST AVENUE, is the first Church of God in New York City. The church was organized by nine Church of God members who resettled in New York City from the South in 1934, and pastored by Rev. Elizar Johnson. These members were Rev. and Sis. Elizar Johnson, Sis. Caroline Brown, Rev. and Sis. N. S. Heastie, Sis. J. Dean, Sis. Gertrude West and Bro. and Sis. William Outten. After seeking God, the Lord provided them with suitable accommodation first on 134th street near Madison Avenue, then they relocated to 119th Street, 129th Street, 105 West 11th Street, in Harlem in 1944.  



In the mid 1970’s recognizing the difficulties presented by the declining neighborhood, as well as other socio-economic conditions within New York City, the Pastor Charles Marcelle, Jr. and the members of “105” realized that they needed a new location. They took this need to the Lord, believing that nothing was impossible. IN 1977 God answered the prayer and blessed the church with the current edifice located at 923 Woodycrest Avenue, Bronx, NY was purchased in 1977.

In August 1980, Pastor Milroy A. Grant and his family assumed the position of pastor at Church of God of Woodycrest. During his time as pastor, the church accomplished many significant milestones. One very significant milestone was when the members were able to burn the church mortgage in 1986. 



In June 2011 the Church of God of Woodycrest welcomed their new pastor Bishop Julian Stephenson, his wife Dr. Ingrid Stephenson and their three beautiful children. Outreach is at the heart of Bishop Stephenson and Dr. Stephenson, their experience has allowed Woodycrest to reach out to the Highbridge through Community prayer walks, Summer outreach block parties, Vacation Bible School, food pantry and with God’s help there is more to come.